Anecdotes and opinions straight from the trenches.

I have been an adjunct professor since graduating with my MA in English in spring 2011. And, honestly, I love teaching! There is nothing better than a captive audience who think you know more than they do, dress better than they do, have your sh*t together, and live a perfectly normal, well-read existence where you sip red wine in the evening while sitting beside a fire place reading Proust out loud to a group of like-minded individuals.

At least, that’s what I presume my students think of me…

The Exclamation Point and The Rorschach Test
Simulacra and Simile: This Post is Really, Like, Super Important (Freshly Pressed)
“So, What do you do?” My Biennial Night Out (Part 1, Part 2, & Part 3)
The Mercenary Adjunct, or What Would Machiavelli Do?
How to Teach Yourself Parallel Structure, While Standing and Holding A Red Dry Erase Marker


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