A Slight bit of Complaining and Humor

WeatherIt’s Tuesday, April 9th in Minnesota, and it’s raining. Tonight it will snow. Tomorrow it will sleet, and snow again on Friday. Last year it was nearly 61 degrees Fahrenheit by this time. This state amazes me (or as our local weatherman said, “Considering it’s April 9th, these temperatures are pretty incredible”). But, to my point.

My girlfriend arrived from Germany this past Wednesday, and she is leaving one week from now. We made tons of romantic plans, and are even prepared for a nice trip to Chicago from this Thursday through Sunday (yes, it will be raining and cold in Chicago). Amongst the weather, the front brakes on my vehicle started grinding the day I picked her up! I noticed a squeal or two the days before that, but paid it no mind. Now they are full-on grinding. So, I have to drop my car off tonight and borrow my mother’s car to use while my brakes are being fixed tomorrow. Sheesh!

You want more? Okay. So, on top of all this happening: I got sick. I get sick perhaps twice per year. It is bad: coughing, runny nose, fever, hot flashes, but then there is the worst part: the chills. I have this thing where when I am desperately sick, I get severe chills. So, Saturday night my gf, my daughter & and I are sitting and watching Disney/Pixar’s Brave, and we proceed to bed about 8:15. I can do nothing but fall into bed and shiver. I am freezing. Not 10 minutes later, I realize that there are 5 blankets on top of me and I still shivered for hours. Eventually I drank some Nyquil and my fever broke about midnight when I realized how many blankets I had on me and that I was sweating like a mad man! My gf spent the whole night next to me making sure I got better. After my fever broke and I woke up, she discovered we don’t have mint tea, lemon, or honey in our house to which she replied, “You guys conquered the whole world without lemon or honey!” The next morning she threatened me with her Croatian grandmother’s cure for illness by rubbing me down with vinegar and garlic. We bought some peppermint tea instead.

Silver LiningsSo now I am downstairs feeling better, and, you guessed it, my gf is upstairs resting her burgeoning soar throat. But we have had some amazing moments together. Last night we went to see Silver Lining Playbook—our first actual date-movie ever after 2 years of being together!—it was great, btw. We Skyped with her parents last week, and made meals together. She had her very first PB&J ever and LOVED IT! And I got to see my gf and my daughter interact. That was fun. Of course I was incapacitated, but I noticed my gf’s caring manner.

So, we shall see how Chicago fares. I shall pack an umbrella, honey, lemon, and tissues! No garlic…


7 thoughts on “A Slight bit of Complaining and Humor

  1. Man flu, 🙂 It’s the worst. I hate the cold clammy bit, when you try to slide out of bed for coffee and everything is hanging.


  2. I feel your pain. Both about the weather and about the sick (sniff, sniff are the sound effects most appropriate). I’m glad y’all are having a good time (relatively speaking) in spite of the circumstances… I saw Silver Linings Playback recently and enjoyed it, too!

    • Thanks for your comment, jimmyandjulia! We are really having a great time, despite the weather and sickness. Being sick together is a wonderful bonding experience–as icky as that seems.

  3. Oy, i am sorry you had such a flu! It happened to me too last year when my partner came over here – and instead of planned sightseeing, spent the week looking after me… Meh. He didn’t complain and myself i couldn’t do anything about it, i was too sick… Now that i am reading about your experience, i am thinking – could it be that we get so excited and stressed before SO’s actual arrive – making all the arrangements and sweating whether all will go as planned (and cleaning and cooking and spending hours at beauticians in my case ;)) – that after they get there, we finally relax… and after being mobilized for quite some time, fall sick because of burn out? Anyway, kudos for my ex-countrymate, she’s really cool! Oh, and pity that you refused garlic&vinegar thing – it does work 😉

    • Haha! Thanks for the comment, moderndayruth! My gf is always amazed that I have wet hair when I go outside in the cold, or that I don’t keep ginger on hand for a cold/flu situation. These lessons–along with the garlic/vinegar treatment–are all new to me. And then of course I am a representation of America, so she is amazed we lasted this long! 😉
      As for the preparation sickness. I definitely think I overdid it and probably knocked down my defense system in the process. I shampooed the carpets for Pete’s sake! 😀 But it was our first time being sick together. She is often acutely sick when I visit–stress related–and I do not often get ill. But she got to take care of me–a role she adapted to quite well, and one that I loved! So, I definitely agree with you about visiting and sickness.

      • Going out with wet hair IN ANY WEATHER?! Eek!!! o_0 😉 Lolol, i know it all – when my best friend from States was over here, my whole family was running after her with the hair dryer ALBEIT IT WAS SUMMER & TROPICAL HEAT!!! 😀
        Best regards to both of you, i am rally glad you guys kept cool about everything and even made a great story of it ! 😉

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