London Feb 2012, Day One

“It never rains, nor is it foggy, whenever I visit London… pop culture has lied to me.
Although, I did solve a mystery of theatrical proportions.”

While visiting my gf in Germany this past February (yes, for Valentine’s day—for which I received a red, heart-shaped sucker upon my arrival to the Frankfurt airport) we traveled to London, England for a two-day conference featuring Hanif Kureishi at the University of Roehampton. This is the first of a three part post documenting our stay in London.

The first day we decided to go our separate ways—an awful mistake that shall not oft be repeated! While she would finalize her essay, I crossed London (south to north) to visit Herr Karl Marx in London’s Highgate East Cemetery—a philosophical visit I wrote about upon our return to Germany, and I later posted to this blog: here.

We stayed in Peckham, which is located in south London. Not the best area in London, as it recently became famous for hosting the 2011 riots, but it was cheap and a wonderful & enlightening experience. I wrote about maneuvering my way through Peckham a few months ago, and I will post have posted it within the next few days to this blog. It was quite the cultural adventure!

Many of these pics are of graves—and that seems to be a theme for me (see my Boston 2012 page)—so, I will do my best to reconcile that asap! Too many pics of dead people and rocks are not good for the blogger’s spirit… unless you are blogging about death, of course.

Hope you do enjoy them. All pics were taken with my handy-dandy iphone 4s. I didn’t even bring my point-and-shoot with me.

Continued on Day Two: Behold the Man.


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