Just Another Day

Just Another Day

She takes a step back and aligns her outfit.

The thought of it has taken quite the life out of her.
The design of his mind has made her uncomfortable in her own skin.

Heels on.
Back to the office.

A sudden conscious appearance—a thought of his future.
Whatever he had is gone.

Get in the car.
Only a passing guilty conscience. He’s not someone’s friend.
Just someone with nothing to live for.
Calmly start the engine.

“Keep it up,” she says.
Someday. The sun will come.
It will rise only for you.
For your eyes only.
Reds, oranges, violets, yellows; all mixed in your eyes.
A chemical reaction. A recognition of a reaction of gasses.
Taste the air.

A passing glance at light.
Just another day.



3 thoughts on “Just Another Day

  1. You are amazing! Huh huh huh… I am an aspiring author, age 12 and I’d love it if you looked at my blog, cos I need some proper advice (my family are too scared to tell me when I’m rubbish) and I really like yours. I’m following it. Gertrude Pickles xxx

    • Thanks for the comment! I’m glad you like my advice/criticism. I have started following your blog, and I would love to comment on your work. I’m a neophyte in the blogging world, so I am trying to explore as much as possible. I’ll definitely take a look. And I hope you enjoy my stuff!

      • I do enjoy you’re stuff. Cos you’re new to blogging as well, I’ll give you some advice: go on loads of peoples blogs that are linked to yours in some way (ie. poetry) and make loads of comments and follow them, so then they’ll follow YOURS and give YOU loads of comments! Works really well- I got 39 views in one day cos I did that. Thank you! Gertrude Pickles xxx

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